Truck Equipment

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Trailer Truck

A trailer truck is the combination of a prime mover unit and a semi-trailers to carry freight. A semi-trailer attaches to the prime mover with a type of hitch called a fifth-wheel.


A sideloader consists of two side lifting cranes combined with a trailer. There are four basic operations: lifting from/to ground level, transfer from/to another chassis or rail wagon, stacking containers and road transport.


A genset is a combination of a prime mover, (typically an engine), and an alternator. An engine converts the chemical energy of a fuel to mechanical energy. That mechanical energy is used to spin the alternator rotor; converting mechanical energy to electrical energy.

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A tipper is for transporting heavy loads, which is equipped with an open-box bed that hinges at the rear and equipped with hydraulic rams to lift the front, allowing the material in the bed to be dumped on the ground behind the truck at the site of delivery.

Back to Back

Back to Back (also known as double trailer trucks) are essentially a standard tractor-trailer with an additional trailer attached. Back to Back are often used when travelling long distances or when larger amounts of cargo must be delivered from one place to another.

Container Equipment

Shipping Container

A container is a large standardized shipping container, designed and built for intermodal freight transport, meaning these containers can be used across different modes of transport – from ship to rail to truck.
ISO Tank

A tank container is an intermodal container which is built to the ISO standards, making it suitable for different modes of transportation. It is used for the transport of liquids, gases and powders as bulk cargo.
Refrigerated Container

Refrigerated container or reefer is an intermodal container (shipping container) used in intermodal freight transport that is refrigerated for the transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo.
Open Top Container

Open top container has an open-top covered by a tarpaulin instead of a solid roof. This enables oversized cargo to be loaded from the top. It normally also have end doors, like closed containers, to give flexibility for loading and unloading.
Flat Rack Container

Flat rack container is ideal for the transportation or storage of cargo with unique dimensions. Flat racks only have sides on the short side of the container, the bulkheads, so the cargo can stick out the side of the container during transportation.

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