Effects of Poor Road Conditions on the Haulage Industry 2024

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The Effects of Poor Road Conditions at Port Klang on the Haulage Industry in Malaysia

Port Klang, Malaysia’s largest port complex, boasts historical significance and remains a vibrant hub of activity. Despite its daily high traffic flow, the basic infrastructure of roads at Port Klang is not well-maintained by the relevant authorities, even though it stands as one of the economic pillars for both export and import. Today, we explore the impact of poor road conditions on the haulage industry, focusing on the maintenance and repair costs for vehicles.

Source: carsifu.my

The Pulau Indah expressway the gateway to Port Klang, has seen a troubling surge in accidents, with more than 2,300 incidents reported since 2017, resulting in 26 tragic deaths. South Klang OCPD Assistant Commissioner Shamsul Amar Ramli has identified several factors contributing to these accidents. These hazards make the road risky for motorists and hauliers from Port Klang, emphasizing the urgent need for improved safety measures. The presence of potholes and the increased traffic of heavy-load container trucks, especially B2B containers, contribute significantly to the road deterioration, affecting vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

Port Klang Potholes, Port Klang MalaysiaPotholes: A Looming Danger for Road Safety and Container Trucks
The road conditions at Port Klang are a matter of concern for the haulage industry. Potholes, in particular, pose a significant threat to road safety and the integrity of container haulage Malaysia. The severity of these potholes cannot be underestimated, as they not only endanger the safety of drivers but also cause substantial damage to vehicles.

The Damaging Effects of Unfilled Potholes on Container Trucks
The presence of unfilled or unrepaired potholes at Port Klang poses a hazardous situation for container haulage. These large potholes can cause significant damage to the haulage trucks, affecting their structural integrity and leading to costly repairs. Moreover, the constant exposure to such road conditions speeds up truck depreciation, diminishing their overall lifespan.

The haulage companies operating in Port Klang also face operational challenges due to poor road conditions. The increased wear and tear on heavy truck tires, caused by navigating through pothole-ridden roads, not only leads to more frequent tire punctures but also accelerates their premature wearing down. This further adds to the operational costs of haulage companies in Malaysia, affecting their overall efficiency.

Step By Step in Filing Complaints and Claims
To address the equipment damage caused by poor road infrastructure at Port Klang Malaysia, it is crucial to follow the proper channels for lodging complaints and submitting claims.

Hauliers operating from Port Klang are advised to use the below contact details to report road damage issues caused by potholes promptly. This ensures a direct and efficient communication channel with the Ministry of Works (KKR) and the Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) for timely resolutions and the maintenance of safe transportation routes.
Ministry of Works (KKR):
-Hotline: 03-27714516
-Email: supportbpm@kkr.gov.my
Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM):
-Hotline: 1800-88-7752 or 603-8738-3000
Kontraktor Konsesi MPK/Pengawai Teknikal MPK:

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