Side Loader Container Operation: Key Facts

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Did you know that side loader trucks typically unload from the left side?
Furthermore, did you know side loaders commonly accommodate 40ft trailers and effortlessly adjust to load 20ft Containers?

Side Loader Truck Features

What is a Side Loader?
A Side Loader, also known as a Side Lifter or auto-loading trailer, is commonly utilized in construction, manufacturing, and distribution industries. These hydraulic cranes efficiently load, transport, and unload containers and other cargo.

How does the side loader load the shipping container onto the trailer?

Things you should know about side loader container operation

When considering a side loader container truck for container delivery and removal, it’s crucial to think about the container door position based on the specific location you want the container placed. Whether the door’s position facing front or back, planning accordingly will ensure a smooth operation and minimize any unnecessary adjustments¬†on-site.

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It’s important to note that side loader container trucks typically unload containers only on the left side. This is because unloading containers from the left side allows for a consistent approach across different operations and warehouses.

Adjustable Side Loader cranes to fit 40ft and 20ft ContainerMoreover, side loaders have the ability to smoothly adjust and accommodate containers ranging from 20ft to 40ft, ensuring safety through a control mechanism such as a stop button. This is possible because the front and rear cranes can operate collectively or independently, providing flexibility and ease in container adjustments.

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