Haulage Expertise Unite: Grab Haulier & Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd

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Grab Haulier and Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd are two well-known names in the container haulage industry. Both companies have proven track records of reputation for providing reliable haulage services in Port Klang, Malaysia.

Transforming Logistics Industry: Grab Haulier and Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd
In the world of logistics, Grab Haulier has disrupted the logistics industry by providing a platform that connects haulage owners and businesses in need of their services. Their tech-driven platform links a vast network of drivers, delivering a hassle-free haulage solutions.
On the other hand, Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd, a haulage veteran that offers reliable and innovative haulage services. With a modern fleet and advanced technology, they ensure timely delivery to destinations across the nation, making logistics smarter and cost-effective.

Improved Haulage Services through a Dynamic Partnership
Through a promising partnership, Grab Haulier and Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd have formed a formidable coalition in providing reliable haulage services in Port Klang, Malaysia. This strategic partnership allows Viva Haulage to optimize its container haulage service within Malaysia by tapping into Grab Haulier’s system, promoting clear communication between customers and hauliers. Thus, the partnership with Grab Haulier has broadened Viva Haulage’s range of container deliveries, with a better focus on cost efficiency and customer delivery needs.

A Win-Win for Better Customer Service and Market Expansion
The partnership has provided a mutual benefit to both Grab Haulier and Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd. With Grab Haulier’s cutting-edge technology and Viva Haulage’s industry expertise, customers can now expect a more efficient and reliable haulage service in Port Klang, Malaysia. This collaboration has also enabled both companies to expand their offerings, helping them keep up with the competition.

Strengthening Market Leadership with Holistics Logistics Solutions
Furthermore, Viva Haulage’s partnership with Grab Haulier has reinforced the company’s position as Malaysia’s top haulage company. They stay committed to cost-effective and reliable logistics solutions, even as customer demand and market needs become more complex. Customers can now benefit from an efficient logistics experience, serving haulage businesses, container delivery, container trailers, container side loaders in Port Klang, across the nation, and beyond.


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For inquiries about Viva Haulage, connect with Viva Haulage via their Facebook page: Viva Haulage Sdn Bhd