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Many logistics companies are facing dilemmas in prioritizing their container delivery to optimize cost and time. Let Grab Haulier share with you some tips and tricks about container delivery. We will tell you about our driver, Mr Lim’s daily life as a driver.


Before Lim starts the journey, he needs to perform daily truck checks such as engine oil, brakes, battery fluid level, tyres’ conditions, turn signal to ensure a safe ride. He needs to wait for every container for about 45 mins to a maximum of 2 hours in each depot and port. If the tyre punctures, he has to wait for an average of 2 to 3 hours for the tyreman to repair. Alright, let’s start our journey.


1st trip: Export trip from customer site to port


The day starts with an export trip where Lim collects the loaded laden container from the customer site to the port terminal. It might cause a huge problem if the vessel movement is missed.


2nd trip: Import trip from port to customer site

Since Lim is at the port and has the capacity, he will pick up an import laden container from the port terminal to the importer site. Do note that the port storage is only limited to 96 hours, and demurrage charges might apply if Lim cannot make the container delivery from the port terminal within 96 hours.


3rd trip: Import trip from the customer site to depot

After unloading it at the importer site, Lim then brings the empty container and delivers it to the depot. 


4th Trip: Export trip from depot to customer site

Lim carries the empty container from the depot and delivers it to the customer site. This trip is the lowest priority compared to the above 3 visits as it is less urgent and will not incur any penalty. Usually, this trip is quick as the company will load the items very fast.


This is considered 1 round trip for trailer delivery.


Next, we will discuss the compensation package for drivers.


The driver salary consists of basic salary and trip commission. Usually, each driver will make 2 round trips per day for trailer delivery and 5 round trips for side loader delivery. He works for 26 days each month. His working hours range from 8 to 12 hours, and it depends on the scenarios.


What Grab Haulier can help and advise you?


Working as a driver is a very challenging job. Thus we respect and recognize them as pilots. Backed by years of experience, our advice is to plan and ensure enough buffet time for any unforeseen scenarios or “accident time”. You can always apply extra or maximum free time with the port and shipping line.


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